Disney Sea and Purchasing Tickets

I am having trouble purchasing online tickets through the Japan Disney website. It does not allow me to register as the postal code required must be numbers only and in Canada we use a combination of letters and number. Every time I attempt to check out it sends me to my registration page. I have tried a few variation but nothing works. I have seen the viator site but they are much more expensive and we are not staying in one of the 23 wards of Tokyo. Is there any other way of buying advance tickets or will I have to show up at the Disney gate and take my chances.

Try this alternative site (klook), the tickets should be around the same price.

Hi There,

When we were in Tokyo, I bought the tickets in the Disney Store which is in Shibuya… Top floor of the store and extremely easy to purchase. Saved us some time when we got to the gates.

I know it doesn’t solve the problem of registering online but if you can’t do it … that works perfectly.

Will work for us thanks

Thanks for the info but we arrive on a Sunday night and want to hit the park Monday morning

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