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Deals of the Days


How about if everyone posts a cheap deal or some place that’s cheap they’ve spotted? Try not to be an evil commercial entity plugging your products.

Spotted this week:
JAL Visa Card waives all fees for a year until 2017
BIC SIM is offering an extra gigabyte per month on new accounts until mid-May
Dominos English site has more 2 for 1 deals than the JP site right now


Nice, crowd-sourcing thrift - I like it! That’s gotta earn at least 30 laser kitten points.


For music lovers, Tsutaya just launched a campaign which lets you rent up to 10 CDs for 1000 yen. The most recent releases are a bit more expensive at 5 albums for 1000 yen, which is still quite cheap. I highly recommend checking this one out, they have a huge variety of music.