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Day trip into Tokyo from Narita


I may be travelling to stay in a hotel in Narita with our son for about 4-5 days this coming weekend and wonder if a day trip in and out to Tokyo is advisable. Would like to get a feel for the place to see if my husband and I would like to do a longer visit. Flying from NZ to arrive Saturday afternoon. Our son says 2 days in Narita would be enough. any suggestions . I am a caterer and cooking teacher aged 69.I don’t speak Japanese .


My Mum and Dad who are younger than you and older than you respectively and also from NZ don’t have any trouble getting around on their visits to Tokyo. You should really venture outside of Narita - it would be like going to NZ and spending the whole time in Wiri!
Given that you might be day tripping it and it’s your first time (?) in Japan, I would recommend trying to bite off small pieces - don’t try to see everything in one day. Just looking at the Imperial Palace or just looking at Asakusa can easily fill up most of a day. If you’re not a big walker, then the hop on/hop off bus tour might be a good idea. My parents are quite active - they go for long walks in NZ - but they somehow end up walking about twice as much in Japan as a good day in NZ. In 30 degree heat (and summer hasn’t really started yet!) that can be a bit draining. here’s the hop on/hop off bus link:


Thanks Greg Definitely wouldn’t want to stay in Wiri! As a foodie my focus is always food places so food halls in department stores are on my list . Had thought I would go into Tokyo 2 days as the Narita hotel is free for me but should I stay one night in Tokyo instead of going back and forth?


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