Daiwa Sushi Moving

Hello All,

I will be traveling to Tokyo in November and I know the fish market will be moving to it’s new location. Daiwa Sushi has been on my bucket list for the past two years and I wanted to know if they will be moving with the fish market or if they will be staying at their current location.

any help would be greatly appreciated…

Thank you

Hi there,
Yes, Daiwa Sushi is moving to Toyosu market and it looks like they’ll be open on October 11th when the new market opens.
The store isn’t located inside the fish market though! It’s located under the elevated walkway next to Shijo-mae Station, adjacent to the fruit and vegetable market - so be careful not to follow the signs into the main market/restaurant area.
I’m sure the sushi will still be good but I’m a bit negative on the whole experience - it will have the vibe of a suburban sushi shop rather than a cramped little shop in a bustling, noisy market.
Anyway, if you go, would love to hear a report.

Thank you for the information, I’ll definitely let you know how it turns out. I’m a little bummed but still hopeful.

Has anyone been able to visit their new location? We will be in Tokyo in 18 days and I can almost taste the sushi…

I mainly want to know how long the line will be to see what time I need to get into line for that fresh morning sushi.

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