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Cruise Ship to Tokyo

I am coming in September on a cruise ship. I am a 58 year old single man traveling alone and get to Tokyo (Yokohama) on Saturday morning and stay in Yokohama two nights and fly out of Narita on Monday at 6:30 pm. I have watched hours of videos and read lots of articles but I am still confused about travel and travel passes. The main things i think I want to do are:

  1. Travel on a Bullet Train (experience)
  2. Travel to the Fuji area
  3. Go to a themed restaurant and Robot restaurant
  4. Travel to the Narita airport on Monday afternoon

I can figure out what to do when I get to places but I cannot figure out if the Tokyo Wide Pass will get me everywhere or I should just pay as I go for transportation.

I think that the Tokyo Wide Pass is probably your best bet, as it will get you to most of those places. It’s pretty good value.

Have you seen our guide to getting discount tickets to the Robot Restaurant?

Hi MikeAndNick,
these are my thoughts on what you want to do. You have only one and a half day in Yokohama before you leave for Narita on Monday. So you are limited in what you can do without stretching yourself.

Ad 1: If you REALLY want to get on a shinkansen it would probably the easiest to hop on in Yokohama and head WEST. You could make a short trip to Shizuoka and from there take a local JR train Fujinomia and later back to Yokohama. Shinkansen leave from Shin-Yokohama and cost about JPY 5,790 one way to Shizuoka.
Ad 2: I never went to Mount Fuji from the South. The usual route for me is from Tokyo to Fuji Kawaguchiko by bus from Shinjuku or train. The possibilities are endless from Kawaguchiko station. There is a couple of sightseeing bus lines that cover the area around Lake Kawaguchiko. Maybe it is enough for you to go to Fujinomia (see Ad 1).
Ad 3: No comment. This will be your day in Tokyo I assume.
Ad 4: You could leave early on Monday and go to the town of Narita and visit the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple and other tourist spots in the city. From Narita (town) station you can walk the Omotesando towards the gate at the bottom of the temple hill. It would make for a relaxed day. Later you can take the 10 minutes train from Narita to the airport. Either Keisei Line or JR.

Hope this helps, J

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