Converting JR Travel Pass

When I arrive at Haneda Airport,I will Activate My 7 days JR Pass.
However,I have my schedule date.Train and time already marked for 4 journeys,
Will The JR Office be able to issue me the Four Tickets with Seat reservation on the date ,time and Train I have listed?
Or will it be no Tickets go to their other office and will the Other Office be able to do All 4 or only one ticket at a time.

If you are catching trains that require seat reservations, which it sounds like you are, you will be able to get the four tickets issued at the same JR office. :slight_smile:

Thanks you.
Next question we are 3 days in Tokyo and can buy a 72 hours Tokyo Subway Ticket for around 1500 yens ie 18 dollars for unlimited travel on the subway.

We will Travel to All the shrines Garden and areas of Cultural interest and The fish market…

Is this Subway Pass then worth it ?

What does an average subway ticket costs?

Thanks again Frances Maeda

I would check your routes first on Google Maps and then decide. An average subway trip is 200-600 yen, depending on the line and distance.

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