"consumable" duty-free shopping and checked-in luggage

I know items purchased duty-free in Japan are supposed to be used/consumed outside of Japan. Shop clerk staples/glues a receipt into your passport and you should show it to immigration office when leaving Japan and show items for inspection.
And you are supposed to have the items with you. If I place the items in checked in luggage does it count as “have them with me”? If not…

How do I bring duty-free alcohol bought in the city with me?? I cannot take more than 100ml of fluids to carry on suitcase, and I cannot check it in as well…

I know they hardly ever check it on the airport so this is NOT what i am asking about. I am asking what you should do, what is required by law.

Thanks for advise.

I think the immigration officials will be practical. Taking liquids in your carry-on luggage is strictly forbidden - whether it’s duty free or not - so they’re not going to demand that you show it to them as you pass through immigration. If you put it in your check-in luggage you’ll be fine.

Hello Iza,

I traveled to Japan once in a year the last 3 years.
The immigration staff didn’t check my receipts or asked for the goods. They didn’t care about duty free goods so you don’t need to be worried about this issue. Just put everything in the checked luggage.
In my opinion, the receipts on the passport, is much more for vendor/store controlling procedure than the tourist.
Have a nice trip.


Once we’re out of Japan, can we remove all those duty-free receipts from the passport? They’re taking up lots of pages…

They take those receipts as you leave.

They didn’t take mine. Still in my passport…

That long line of Chinese tourists that you avoided is where you were supposed to turn in the receipts.

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