Choosing the best mode of transport in Kanto Area for family trips

My brother would visit me with his family and his friend’s family soon just following Bon holidays (Mid of August). We are then a gang of 6 adults and 2 children planning to explore the Kanto area within 10 days. I have been in Japan for just couple of months (live in Fujisawa), and think that navigating in Tokyo with a rental car or van would be difficult and pretty expensive. If I am wrong, kindly suggest me the best way to plan our trip. In detail, I am planning to cover Disney theme parks, Akihabara, Asakusa, Shibuya and Shinjuku in Tokyo; and Kamakura, Yokohoma, and Hakone in Kanagawa region. If time permits, Yamanishi region is preferred to be visited. So far, I thought of traveling to Tokyo by train and use a rental van to hang around in Kanagawa. I would appreciate, if someone could show me the right direction and/or direct me with a nicely written discussion. Thank you.

I think a car/van is good for countryside trips and could be fairly economical.
@CheapoGreg wrote an article about using a cheap rental car brand (Niko Niko)

I’d say it’s not such a good idea for going around central Tokyo though, as rental fee + parking fees, will probably work cost more than subway fares for 8 people. Plus the subway is so fast and efficient.

There’s also a discount train ticket in the Summer, the Seishun 18 which gives unlimited travel for 5 days on local trains (i.e. no shinkansen or limited express). There’s an article about it here: The Seishun 18 Ticket and 5 Recommended Routes | Tokyo Cheapo

Hope that helps!

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Thanks a lot @mrkirkland. Information provided are really useful.

Just a note on Niko Niko Rentacar - we’ve had reports that they aren’t too friendly to international driver’s permit holders. However, if you’ve got yourself a Japanese license, you’ll have no problem. An option if you don’t have a Japanese Driver’s License is Times Rentacar. Otherwise, the big companies like Toyota Rentacar, Nippon Rentacar and Orix etc. can deal with international permit holders - but they’re a little more expensive. If you don’t have an international permit (you have to get one before leaving your home country) and you can’t get a Japanese license, you might be out of luck.

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Thanks a lot @CheapoGreg for detailed info. I got the IDP, but not a Japanese Driving license holder. Does it mean that I will not be able to get a deal at Niko Niko Rentacar?

According to comments on the post, Niko Niko Rentacar don’t accept the international driver’s permit. There’s no English on their website either, so I guess they’re just not interested in international customers.

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