Cheapo way to get to Wakayama from Norita international Airport

Hi Folks,

I have booked a hotel room at Wakayama on 10/16/16. I will arrive Norita around 4:00pm on 16th of October. What is the best way/cheapest way to arrive Wakayama? Thanks.


Given that Wakayama is about 630km from Narita and the time that you get in, I’d just take a domestic flight from Narita to Kansai International Airport (KIX) and go from there. Check out Peach Aviation or Jetstar Japan. The fares are really low - from about 4,000yen. They’re LCCs though so look out for the extra charges for baggage etc.

Hi Greg and all other Folks:
Thank you again for your suggestion. I booked my air tickets to Kansai airport now. I still need some suggestion finding one day tour to Kyoto and one day tour to Osaka since I am very bad at directions. I don’t mind going with a group tour. Please let me know. Heidi

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