Cheapest JR Pass

My friends and I are going to Japan for 10 days, 12 if you count time on plane to and from. We’re going to Tokyo, then Kyoto and Osaka. I assume a JR Pass is the best option but when I look around I’m seeing different sites selling them and the prices are wildly different. My question is A. do you know the cheapest site? And B. is there a reason why some are way pricier than others?

-Phil Nolan

It depends if you want to catch the Shinkansen. If you either fly or take the bus between Tokyo and Osaka, it’s generally much cheaper. Take a look at this fare calculator to see if the saving with the JR Pass makes sense.

Well were not just going to Osaka, we’re going to Kyoto too so it seems like it would make sense to take the Shinkansen to Kyoto, then another one to Osaka. I’m not planning the flights but I think we’re leaving from Osaka to come home. Of course as I understand it the JR Pass can be used on local trains too. That seems like it would be easier to have one payment system everywhere we go since we’re not used to the trains.

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