Cheaper than green line?

We’re going to live about 5km from Hiyoshi station (Toyoko line) along Yokohama’s Green line. We knew this line was expensive, but were still shocked at how much we’d have to spend for one person to work one day (almost 900 yen!). If we can skip the Green line and only take the Toyoko, it’s a lot cheaper. So I’ve been looking for bus routes, but the only one I saw took us so far up the Toyoko line, the journey time was almost tripled compared to taking the Green and Toyoko lines. Does anyone know a website where I can check bus schedules, routes and such for Yokohama city by prefecture/ward? I know enough Japanese that all-Japanese websites are probably all right. Or, if you already know a cheaper way to get to Hiyoshi station, please help us out!

OP here: note that neither my husband’s employer nor my potential employer will pay anything towards our commute.

How about a monthly pass? Usually they are much cheaper. Also you can get off at stops along the way. and can help with transportation.

I’m gonna have to second the commuter pass idea because after maybe 2 weeks of using it going to and from work, everything after that is “free”. When I was living in Mitaka and commuting to Ochanomizu (JR Chuo/Sobu) that was about 780 yen round trip per day and I still had a 20 minute bike ride (~3km) to Mitaka station and the 15 minute walk from Ochanomizu if I wanted to save money by not transferring to the Marunouchi for 1 stop (170 yen). It was more than worth it because of all the places I could get off at and explore without having to think about it. Sorry I couldn’t answer your question

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