Cheap tour or train from Tokyo to Osaka Airport

Hello, There are 6 of us getting off a cruise in Yokohama on Oct 15 and will spend 2 to 4 nights in Tokyo.

  1. we are either looking for a very reasonably priced 2 day one way bullet train tour from Tokyo to Kyoto taking in Mount Fuji and some shrines and possibly Nara, perhaps overnight 1 night in Kyoto and then take a train from Kyoto to Osaka airport for a late night flight on Oct 19.
  2. After spending 4 nights in Tokyo just take the bullet train from Tokyo and connect if necessary to Osaka airport,
    2a) or 2 nights in Tokyo & spend & 2 nights in Osaka before flying out.

Could you please give us some suggestions and tips as we have never been to Japan before.
We are looking into airbnb for accommodations.

Thank you so very much, Konnichiwa!

Hi Judy!
Here’s our article on getting from Tokyo to Osaka:

However since you’re doing a one way trip, if you want to go on the bullet train there might not be much money to be saved - there’s some links in the article to discount round trip tickets.

Have a look at the “tours” page, there’s a few 1 day mount Fuji trips from Tokyo and back there:

Hope that helps!

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