Cheap second-hand snow and cold weather gear

Hello. I live in sunny Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia, so there isn’t a lot of need for snow/cold weather gear so there is little supply here. I would like to know where I can go to get some second hand or cheap cold weather gear in Tokyo, such as gloves, scarfs, jackets. I am visiting Japan in three weeks and will be travelling to Sapporo and Nagano so I need gear to keep me warm outside. Thanks in advance

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Hi there,
The place to go in Tokyo is the Kanda/Ochanomizu area. There are lots of skiing and mountaineering shops in the area. Most sell new stuff though and it’s not necessarily cheap. There should be sales on at this time of year though, so you might be in luck. We really need a specific guide to this on the site! So my advice is to go to Jimbocho Station, take exit A5 and head eastwards along Yasukuni Dori.


Thank you for answering my question.