Cheap Event Spaces in Tokyo?

Hey people, good morning.

I’m looking for a cheap event space to host an event that usually has around 50~60 attendees. I’m trying to keep the price to around 2000円 per person. Would be good if one or two drinks are included.

Anywhere within the Yamanote line preferred.



Dear Brian,
Being cheapos, we do our meet ups at places that cost nothing, namely commune 246 in omotesando, and the huge roof garden of Seibu department store at Ikebukuro station. Both are beer garden type affairs, so good if you want some random interaction with strangers, less so if you need people to listen to a talk on sharding databases.

Also, Super deluxe in Roppongi has a history of hosting tech meet ups, seemingly not so expensive.

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There are many restaurants and other venues that could do it for that price. It depends a lot, though, on the time and day, as well as the kind of setup you need. If it is in the evening, seated, with a presenter, then there are somewhat fewer venues. Another factor is whether you can talk to the staff in Japanese. If you can only handle negotiations in English, the number of venues becomes limited. I haven’t done an event at the Sunny Store&Cafe yet, but I know a couple of the staff there and am planning to do an event there sometime.

I know another venue that is a good one for events. It is in Akihabara. It is primarily a photo studio that has cosplay facilities. They also rent out the space for events - usually for photo shoots. The prices are incredibly cheap. The studio is big, so they often host parties with up to 100 or so people attending. The price for the studio on a weekday is less than ¥25,000 for 3 hours.

There are a great many venues, but you might want to check these out.


Awesome, thanks guys! I’ll give these a shot! :grinning:

Just remembered, a friend of mine works at Elephant Studio when it’s not fashion season (whenever that is), they can be persuaded to let their rental studio go for cheeps.

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Also, I’ve heard the Fab Cafe space in Shibuya is quite reasonable to rent out.