Buying Pocket Wifi

Where would you Buy a Pocket WiFi ,in Tokyo and what website would you then buy Data on?
We are not interested in renting please

Hi kisse13,
Are you planning to stay long term in Japan, or do you want to buy a pocket wifi to take back home? You can probably buy the Pocket wifi (without sim card) from amazon jp and get it delivered to your hotel etc. Data sim might be a harder thing to find.

The alternative is to order pocket wifi+ data plans online or in store (e.g. bic camera), but usually they are 2 year contracts and require Japanese language knowledge.

Amazon Japan is an easy option and usually fairly cheap.
The big electronic stores Big Camera and Yodobashi camera often have one or two English speaking staff nowadays, so if you want to walk in somewhere and buy one.
You’ll need a SIM if you don’t already have one, in which case Big Camera and Yodobashi camera might be the best bet as they have SIM cards and contracts on sale in store. Signing up for a contract might be a little tricky though as (from memory) they talk you through all the complex terms and conditions.

I am fully cognisant of the Pocket Rental system in Japan and will probably end up renting.
Since we often travel Internationally,for max of 4 weeks at a time,we are considering the Options of Buying

a Pocket WiFI outright and buying Data as and when we need time.

We can do this in USA with SKyRoam,TEP wireless,Glocal Me G3,Keep Go>

The question was can we buy Pocket WiFI in Japan ,and the answer seems yes even as a Visitor.

However Buying Data is limited to using in Japan only,and is Not Transferable Internationally.

Am I correct?

You might want to check into the new plan offered by a major US company. It guarantees connectivity in over 150 countries with unlimited data. My daughter just got back from S Korea and the SK phone she purchased there is working here on that network.

pls contact me im working on a company that sell a pocket wifi and data sim at lowest price compare to other
we have like 50gb for just only 3,500 yen upto 300gb for 6,000 yen you can contact me at facebook at “rhick campos” my profile pic is me with my gf at the top of the hill or call me here 080-21883902 . thanks!

What type (Brand)are these Pocket Wifi.
My interest would be 300gb
Where internationally does it work.
Where does one buy Data for it ,what are
the rates and how are they renewable when Not In Japan.
What warrantee etc are there.
I do not use facebook

the brand name of our pocket wifi is FUJISOFT
300gb is ¥ 6,000 only
and a one time payment of ¥3,240 activation fee ¥1,500 shipping fee and ¥7,560 for the device and its all yours
the total is ¥ 18,300 / + 8% tax
but if you come here to our office in Tokyo the shipping fee will be deducted to the total price

sorry but the service of our product is only for japan

3 days free replacement warranty
with 6 month free repair warranty

by the way our carrier is NTT DOCOMO the widest 4g network here in hapan

Sakuramobile seems good and looks cheap. Stay away from them.
They take a $500 deposit for a wifi and sim card, and the sim card does not work. Incoming calls are blocked and text messages never make it. I took the phone to the Apple store here and they said my phone was in perfect working order, and it worked on one of their SIM cards perfectly. SakuraMobile seems to fudge on data too. I ended up using 3gb in two minutes after turning on my computer, and iCloud was disconnected and mail and Safari were closed.
Find anyone except SakuraMobile to get your SIM cards and Wifi.

They talk a good game and will seem nice on the phone, but their “rules” change depending on the agent, and even of they promise something, they never follow through.

I have used them and frankly none of this is true - I paid no deposit for my Sim, it worked fine as soon as it was set up (they have a guide on their site for the AP set up, maybe you didn’t know to do this) and they’ve been great in contact with me too - telling me the best time to cancel my contract when I leave so I don’t pay for extra time. Not sure what happened with your experience.