Buying Concert Tickets

Hi guys,
I’ve been struggling with figuring out the whole ticket buying system here in Japan. For example, I wanted to go to a concert last month but there was some sort of lottery system that limited who could buy tickets. I’m wondering if anyone would be kind enough to explain how this system works? I’m saving up some money for one of the big festivals this summer (Rock in Japan, for example) but it seems they have a similar system as well.
Thanks for the help! (It would be great to see a post for this in the future as well)

The last concert I went to in Japan had this as well. It helps if you can read some Japanese. Basically, they announce a time period where you go to that particular vendor and submit your information. At the end of the time period they notify you if your name was drawn to buy tickets. For example, the concert I went to had a lottery for fan club members, then a few lottery rounds through lawson ticket/e+/etc. Not all concerts have this…this guide is pretty comprehensive: TICKETS - Tokyo Gig Guide They also talk specifically about the lottery process here: tokyo gig guide blog: New Year's Resolutions & eplus