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Bringing students to Tokyo (under reduced restrictions)


I teach high school poli-sci class in Italy, TX. I am trying to figure out, once COVID settles down (question of the decade), how to bring a group of them to Japan for a cultural experience. I am not looking for something through a big exchange company since they can be a wee pricy nor am I trying to do this on shoestring. If anyone can recommend a decent company that can handle a weeklong trip for a group of rural Texas youth, I will deeply appreciate it.

Given the situation, I wouldn’t bother with detailed plans as even if things open up, they’re likely to be disrupted. With the size of your group I think it would make a lot of sense to just use a travel agent in Texas that deals with large groups. The logistics of moving a big group around are quite different to that of individual or small group travel.

If you’re looking for a company in Japan, Japan Experience may be able to help you.

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