Birthday Restaurant For 8-Year Old

Hi! When were are in Tokyo at the end of July, we will be celebrating my daughter’s 9th birthday. She is pretty picky eater as she is vegetarian. Are there any cool places we can dine out that can also accommodate vegetarians. We will be staying at Shiba Park Hotel so something not extremely far from there. Thanks in advance!

Hi, depending on what she likes, some fun places include Madosh! the avocado restaurant which is in Harajuku and now Shimokitazawa too. You could go to the Monster Cafe for dessert after (their parfaits are pretty impressive and perfect for a birthday treat, they have savoury stuff too so might be worth checking out). If she likes flowers and pretty places, the Aoyama flower market tea house is lovely - mostly salad, but they do french toast etc too which is nice for breakfast or brunch! For proper restaurants you could head to one of the Ain Soph places, although they can get pricey and are a little less fun - but all vegetarian/vegan and well known for pancakes. The Alice in Wonderland cafes do afternoon tea-style meals and although veggie options are usually basic, the experience can be worth it - just check menus as they change!

Thank you so much for the suggestions Lily!

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