Bicycle Touring

I’m thinking about doing a 4-5 day bike tour next year. If I can’t find a good place to rent a bike, I will bring my own. I’m looking for a good place to go. I am an experienced cyclist and would like to ride 40+ miles/day. I will be starting out of Yokohama. I have heard that Matsumoto is a nice area. Any tips on taking bikes on trains and finding good routes would be appreciated.

Hi there,
I can’t really comment in regards to Matsumoto as I’ve never been there, but you might find this article useful from one of our writers about riding from Tokyo to Niigata.


I’ve never cycled around Matsumoto, but on hiking trips I have taken the train from Tokyo through Yamanashi towards Matsumoto. I imagine it’d be a nice cycle, there’s a fairly flat and wide plane, with some beautiful surrounding mountains on either side. Here’s a quick video from the train: Tokyo Cheapo on Instagram: "Low misty clouds hang near the mountains of #yamanashi in central Japan. #japanese #countryside #nature #travel #mountains #nature #japan #rustic #travelphotography"

I cycled around Matsumoto last spring and it is so nice, we fell in love with it. You can rent regular bikes there for free but probably not up to your standard, it’s a very easy place to cycle though! You can take bikes on trains here but they have to be in a bike bag, and it can be hard on busy trains!

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