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Best way to Exchange Money?


What is the best way to exchange your currency (mine being USD) to Japanese Yen- for the best value? When, and where should you do it?
P.S. I have citibank, if that’s any relevancy to anyone who might know the fairness of their exchange rates.


The banks themselves get the best exchange rates. So Visa tends to have the best ones at any moment in time. Instead of changing money back and forth, I’ve been taking out money via credit card. I’ve made sure that my bank doesnt charge me extra for it though. You can take out money at basically every 7-11 and Family mart via the ATM. You might get charged something like 108 yen if you take out 10 000 yen, but I think that offsets the exchange pain in the necks. Also, I try to pay for most things with the credit card, but that’s not always possible. That said, you will need some cash when you get to the airport so maybe have something like 5000 yen (7k yen for 2ppl) on you and take the rest out via card.

Just my two yen.


We have an article covering this topic:



In my opinion Revolut (prepaid multi-currency mastercard using interbank exchange rates with no spread and provision) is the cheapest and most convenient way to both get cash from ATM and pay in stores.


Looked up Revolut (hadn’t heard of it before) - thanks for the pointer. Sort of sounds like it’s in it’s infancy - reminds of PayPal in the early days, based on some comments and reviews I’ve come across. PayPal has matured into something very useful and is even accepted here (Malaysia) by quite a few merchants for online transactions, but it took a few years to iron out the problems. I take it you’ve been using Revolut in Japan? I might not need it if my bank’s VISA debit card will work in Japan without fees, so I should ask my bank.



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