Best way from Narita to Shibuya and back with 4 suitcases and 2 people

Hello, my wife and I are planning our honeymoon in Tokyo this spring. We have an awesome Airbnb reserved near Shibuya and taking a cab from Shibuya wouldnt be very expensive. I know most travel advice says “pack light” but thats a bit difficult for us because we are planning on doing a lot of shopping while in Tokyo - my wife is a vintage buyer. We plan on coming with 2 suitcases and leaving with 4 total.
Definitely got sticker shock when looking at the cost of a cab, but not sure what travel options would allow us to take our luggage (it seems not courteous or fun to go on the subway).
What to do?

Maybe you can try airport limousine bus

they seem to stop in a few hotels in shibuya so maybe you can find the one closest to your airbnb

I’d say the most comfortable and cost effective option:

  1. Take the Narita Express to Shibuya station - every second or third train goes direct to Shibuya station with no changes see the timetable here:
    The train usually isn’t crowded and has has plenty of room for luggage and generous space on the seats

  2. At Shibuya station, take a taxi to your Airbnb - there’s a taxi stand at the South exit here: Google Maps
    Also the New South Exit is a bit quieter, and usually there’s no problem flagging down a taxi any time of day.

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Thank you so much for the suggestion!

Agreed. That’s the great thing about Japan, there are different classes of trains. Depending on your finances you can even pay for 1st class and be guaranteed a seat.

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