Best short shinkansen trip?

Hi, We are travelling to Tokyo this Friday. We are spending the first week on a cruise around Japan, but then back to Tokyo doing the usual things, but would love a little trip on the bullet train. Does anyone have any suggestions where to go? And what to do there? It would just be a day trip.
Also, what train pass should we get?? We will be using trains around Tokyo for the rest of the 2nd week.

Hi Sarah,

This article might give you a few ideas: Top 25 Easy Day Trips from Tokyo | Tokyo Cheapo

Have a wonderful trip!

Hi Sarah

May I suggest the tokyo wide pass?

It covers 3 days of travel within the tokyo wide area. If you want to go the furthest, it would be gala yuzawa ski fields, but I guess there will be no snow but rather nice fresh air and mountains(maybe). Other options could by onsen towns like Atami or Kusatsu onsen

The hitachi seaside park also seems nice during october, but it is just a normal JR train

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