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Best places to buy Quinoa


On a bit of a health kick so been looking around for some Quinoa (キヌア in Japanese). I managed to find a 150gm pack at Yamaya for around 400yen but that seems really expensive. I’ve heard that Costco has it really cheap but I was wondering if anyone might know somewhere a bit more central that sells it for less than Yamaya.


Health food stores are probably the source of the better quality stuff like Natural house, Lima and local independent ones.
I think I’ve also seen it at SeijoIshi and maybe even Hanamasa (they have virgin coconut oil and chia seeds at least).

For cheeps, I’d look on Amazon e.g. 500g for ~1000yen


Slightly off topic, try red or black quinoa - either taste way better than the white quinoa and has similar nutritional value. :relaxed: