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Best data sim card for 90 days


Hello Cheapos,

I’m going to Tokyo for 3 months and looking for a Sim card that is good for all my stay.
I’ve notice that most companies are good for 14 or 30 days, and for 3 months I’ve found:

  • Mobal 7gb for Y6000/month + Y3000 for the sim card. This comes with a Japanese number and possibility of make/receive call and text. Total = Y21000

  • Sakura - 5gb for Y4000/month with 30minutes free call + a non-cheapo Y7500 activation fee. Total Y19500

I basically need it for whastapp/line/tinder/google maps/facebook during the day which I will be out of home (all day long), so 4/5GB/month sounds fair to me…

Both seem good options, but not cheapo… any suggestion and ideas will be very appreciated!!!

Thank you all!


Here is a cheaper option. Data only 12GB for 180 days:


So-net 12GB/180days is about 12000 yen, and 2GB/30days is about 3000 yen. If you want to save more, you can buy three 2GB/30days for 9000 yen.


Yes it seems like a good idea to get 3 of these sim cards, but there is an option to ‘top up’ the so-net sim after 30 days… I’ve bought the so-net sim for friends before, quite good but I found the activation process to be quite challenging (needs wifi of course).
If you really want to go cheapo, theres 2GB/3 months, I assume one can recharge


there can be gotcha costs for recharges… so that needs to be taken into account.

A mobile wifi with sim that gives you unlimited data for fixed amount of days might be a good idea as well


Hi Q10,
I think you’re right about the so-net recharge option. I bought the So-net one for a family member two years ago, so my memory is kinda fuzzy. It’s best to just buy one card first instead of three together at the same time.

I had two bad experiences with IIJmio before, so personally I would not recommend it to others. One of them is when I bought IIJmio tourist prepaid card and the card stopped working on second day. When I called them, they said they cannot replace it. If I want a new sim card, my only option was to “upgrade” the sim card to a monthly plan. There’s no way I want to sign up for annual plan just to replace a broken 3000 yen sim card.


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Hi everyone,

Thank you for the information and sorry for the late reply, busy days planning the trip!

Hulk - The So-not 12gb option is pretty good, but if activation is in Japanese, it’s a problem.
q10 - I’ll probably need 2 or 3 of those cards each month, which will be more expensive than Sakura o Mobal.
Peter_Lam The only unlimited data one I saw was for very few days. I’ll be in Japan for 90 days.

With Sakura I cannot get their monthly plan as I am not a residence. Their short term plans are not that good.

So now I am either on at Y6000/month for 7 gb + phone number or Freetel ( as their facebook/whatsapp/line data is unlimited.


Hi Miguel,

Here is the English page for So-net Prepaid SIM cards. It has English instructions and English PDF Manual.


Just got a plug for this in my email:

Intriguing indeed. They offer packages for Japan (150 baht per day) for a 4G pocket dongle, with 1 GByte per day. Not sure how it works, the best I can figure out is you pick up the dongle at Suvarnabumi or Don Mueang airports on your way to Japan! Great if you live in Thailand, but it’s not really so far-fetched. Air Asia X, for instance, flies from Bangkok to Sapporo once a day, so I’d fly from KL with a layover at Don Mueang. In fact that’s the only way to get to Sapporo from KL using Air Asia. 150 baht would be USD4 or so.



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