Best affordable sweets in Tokyo?

Hi everyone!

After being blown away by the sweets selection at department stores, I’m looking for the best sweets in Japan, preferably for a reasonable price.

Is there a middle ground between the small supermarket selection and the expensive department store goods?

Thanks in advance

Maybe chain stores like Fujiya or Cozy Corner? They’re both basically cake shops, but they have gifts and things that last longer.

Cozy corner:


Also, in my experience, the really big supermarkets - the ones in the Aeon Malls - often have a separate sweets shop within the supermarket with beautifully packaged chocolates etc.

If you’re after wagashi (more traditional sweets) then there are stores everywhere. Akasaka Mochi has beautifully packaged mochi type sweets.

Thank you very much!

Not sure about price, but if you are looking for the best - I’ve just seen these and they look amazing! Young Japanese artist crafts exquisite animal-shaped candy at his shop in Asakusa | SoraNews24 -Japan News-

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