Are American Credit Cards widely accepted in Tokyo?

Do I need to take a lot of cash or can I use credit cards in Tokyo? Do most restaurants accept it, taxis, etc?

Credit card acceptance is a lot better nowadays, but there’ll chances are they’ll be one or two times when you can’t pay with VISA/Mastercard/AMEX, so do have some cash in case.

There’s probably some better stats, but I’d guess over 80% of restaurants/bar/cafes will accept your cards, and taxis similar. Shops are probably have a much higher acceptance rate.

There’s plenty of ATMs that accept international cards now, so you’ll be able to get cash pretty easily.

Also (in case you haven’t already) check with your bank/credit card in case you need to notify them you’ll be using your cards in Japan - some banks anti-fraud departments might automatically stop transactions overseas.

Hello, I just read your comment and was wondering how much cash should I bring for 2 weeks. Hotel and transportation already paid for. I’m traveling alone in November quite nervous about it so want to insure I’m covered.
I would truly appreciate any suggestions. Thank you

There’s plenty of ATM machines that accept international cards, so I’d
suggest you just bring a little emergency cash to begin with and withdraw
money as you need it.

Here’s an article on budgeting for a tokyo trip:

Thank you for the info

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