Anyone travelling from UK that will need a Travel Micro Sim?

Hi everyone, I just got back from 2 amazing weeks in Japan - I am jealous of any of you who are about to make their way there and can’t wait to go back. Thanks to Tokyo Cheapo as well for so many great tips and articles!

So, I am here because while in Tokyo, I bought myself a Travel Sim so that I can use the internet while out and about - but stupid me, I bought a micro sim from BIC Camera instead of a nano sim which is what I actually needed.

BIC Camera were very clear that there were no returns once opened (I didn’t realise I had bought the wrong sim till I opened the envelope)! So I now have a brand new, unused 1 GB travel micro sim which I have no use for!

A micro sim is suitable for iPhone 4, 4S, iPad 1, 2 and Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6 - probably others too I am sure.

If you have a phone that takes a micro sim and would want to use a 1GB travel sim while in Japan (plenty for 2 weeks travel) then I am happy to send this to you for £5 including UK postage - the same sim would cost you 2656 YEN in Japan (£18.50).

Happy to answer any questions, I have no use for the sim and just don’t want to see it wasted!

Thanks guys!

Hiya, if this is still available, may I buy it off you? I’m not sure how the easiest way of privately exchanging details are… if there is a way to directly contact me could you do so? Thank you :smile:

Hello! I’m interested if still available - ladybirdpicnic at gmail dot com

Hi all, the sim has gone now, thanks and happy travels! :slight_smile:

Hi mippy, so sorry, the sim has gone now, hope you have a great time in Japan! :slight_smile:

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