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Any car enthusiast here? Hoping to plan a good canyon/mountain run


Hello a few friends and I are going to Tokyo in late may (not our first time) and are getting a few sports cars in chiba. We were hoping to find some locals who know of some good winding roads. We’re not reckless or plan to drift lol. We all have prior experience in auto cross and canyon driving here in California. Hoping to find like minded friends.


There’s plenty of windy mountain roads on the west side of Tokyo and in to Yamanashi. Alas Chiba is on the east side, but you could drive across Tokyo fairly quickly on one of the raised expressways (which is fun in itself)

I’m not exactly a canyon driving enthusiast, but it might suffice to survey google maps in the area west of Tokyo. And passing by mount Fuji as part of the trip would be fun.