Am i taking enough money?

Hi there, me and my girlfriend are going to Tokyo this coming June for 12 days and are really looking forward to it! I am just wondering if i am taking enough money with me. So we’re planning on taking £2000 with us so 305249 Yen. Does this sound like enough for us to enjoy ourselves and us the metro easily via a Suica card?

Also how much would you load on to a Suica card initially?



Obviously it depends on what you wanna do, if you plan on splurging for fancy restaurants, etc, but my girlfriend and I did Tokyo for 8 days on half of your budget back in 2015. We loaded our Suicas with 10000 yen and still had some left over.

I believe you should be fine. The basic expenses are for a simple double business hotel room 12,000 Yen/day, nutrition 4,000 Yen/day and person and transport 1,500/day and person. Then add 2,500 for transport from and to Narita on the cheapest Keisei ticket to Ueno and you end up with 281,000. You’ll have an extra 25,000 yen for public baths, gardens, museums and contingencies. Obviously going up on the Skytree etc. and will eat up your budget very quickly.
You can find cheaper rooms. Some years ago I was always able to find something nice between 6,000 and 9,000 Yen. My favorite chain back then was TokyuStay. That is not the case any more. However I still know a very simple, clean place for 4,000 Yen in Asakusa and a tourist friendly ryokan in Nezu for about 6,000 Yen for a single person.
If you want to take a break from Tokyo you can take the bus from Shinjuku to Fujikawaguchiko and stay at the Kawaguchiko Station Inn. The have unbeatable off season rates and you can easily spend a couple of nights there and take in the scenery.
Enjoy! J

Thanks for both of the replies, i should have said in my original post that we already have a hotel booked so the £2000 would just be spending money. From the replies though i’m definitely thinking that it is enough!

Fantastic! In this case you people will have enough cash to explore the finer (and more expensive) sides of Japanese life :slight_smile:

Since your accommodation is already paid for, you will have way more than enough! You can even throw in some day trips to places like Kamakura, Hakone, Nikko etc., and still have money to spare.

By the way, you don’t need to pay so much to get into Tokyo. Take the Access Narita bus from Narita to Tokyo Station or Ginza Station for Y1,000 each (pay on the bus).

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