Alternative for the JR pass?

I have a question concerning the JR pass.

I will be in Japan starting from may 3 till june 6. I’m leaving Tokyo on may 8 and will be traveling from the North east all the way to Fukuoka. However since the JR rail pass is only 21 days I was wondering if instead of buying an (expensive) 7 days pass, I could go for another option?

I will be in Osaka the 29th of may and at the moment I will be leaving there the 30 to either return to Tokyo or to travel through Tokyo to the North. Is there a regional pass I could buy or maybe a bus?
I don’t really want to waste a lot of time but I’m willing to take the bus to take in the scenery.

Could you please advise me on some good options?

Thank you!

I suggest having a look at the various passes that are available, as explained in this post: :slight_smile:

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