AirBnB Situation

What is the latest situation regarding AirBnB in Japan.
I have seen discussion in February.
Have things changed?

Please update!

While many listings have been removed, there are still plenty that can be booked.

If you don’t have any luck, though, here are some alternatives:

Out of curiousity, does that mean that any listings remaining have all the correct licenses etc and its relatively safe to make bookings without fear of delisting?

My experience is that some hosts are listing phony license numbers in the description. Message the host before making a reservation and bluntly ask if they have a legal Airbnb license to operate in Japan. If you’re satisfied with their answer and there are problems later on at least Airbnb customer service will read the message history and see that you asked the right question. They will help or refund.
Right now they are going in and continuing to remove non-licensed properties so only stay with host with several reviews.

thanks for the reply and good tips!

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