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Advice on quarantine

I am in Toronto, On. if i get the student visa i will be able to travel in Sept. to Japan.
I understood from the site that a 14 days quarantine is required, but coming form Canada, Ontario need to be quarantined for 3 days in one of the government facilities.

so after 3 days we quarantine for 11 days? are we able to use public transportation or still not allowed?
Who would take us then from the government quarantien facility to the other hotel?

Hi there, It’s mentioned in the article, but you need to arrange your own transport after you’re released from the 3 days of enforced quarantine. They will return you to the airport at which you arrived and you can go from there. So the same restrictions apply. So, private car, rental car, hire car (private driver), or the limited Skyliner are your options.

thanks a lot for answering… two things i did not know about. 1. that they will return us to the airpot. and 2. that we can hire a private driver. i think the article only mentioned renting and driving a car.
WHere can we book a private driver?


It is correct after 3 days they will return you to the airport you arrived at - assuming it is Haneda airport, Tokyo please check out this serviced apartment option - Metro Residences - Furnished Weekly Apartment Tokyo|MetroResidences

They offer independent rooms, all English web page, English language support and 11 night stay start from JY 87,000 which is pretty cheap at heart of Tokyo.

Main thing in your case is they also offer Haneda airport pick up service which would be useful for your case.

Good luck and stay safe.

thanks a lot you have been a great help

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