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Adachi-ku Area


Hey there guys.
Currently living in Arakawa-ku, but I’m looking to move; I’ve seen a few really cheap and pretty large (by Tokyo standards) apartments in Adachi-ku, specifically near Nishi-Arai. My question is: is there a reason Adachi is so cheap? Will I be raped and/or murdered whilst walking home from work every day? I’m sure it’s not that bad…probably?
I’m just a little wary of these Nishi-Arai apartments being so cheap, I feel like I’m missing some kind of insider-tip about the area. Any insight would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


im not aware of any specific reason, but its definitely an area equated w ‘lower class’ life. having lived in dumpy parts of tokyo id say just to make a list of the specific shops or other amenities that you use and make sure that that stuff is available. not aware of danger, but you should definitely spend a little bit of time walking around the hood. cheers


The first reason of the price is the fact that Adachi-ku is known as one of unsafe areas in Tokyo. However, it is not as dangerous as others think. Cos I can walk outside even it’s over 12pm alone. Honestly it’s true that there are some unsafe areas in Adachi-ku but, you know others also has such areas. Second reason is that there are manier low-income people rather than other wards and to meet their demands, the price become cheper. I recommend you to serch which parts of adachi-ku are unsafe and avoid them if you are worried. Good luck!!