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Accomodation question


Hello cheapo, I’m an italian backpacker planning my 2 weeks holiday in Japan. I found your page very useful, many thanks. Anyway my question is, what is the price for the end of August for spend the night at an internet cafè? and also, my friend say to me about very cheap capsule hotel (around 10$ a night) is it possible? where can I found it?
And last question, if I will go to sleep in internet cafè, my problem will be my luggage, I know about the coin locker, are these located all over the city? where are they? like at the station?
many thanks for your reply and time
kind regards


Internet (Manga) Cafes, usually cost $12 - $25 per night, see our post here for a list of recommended places: For capsule hotels, they usually cost a little bit more, like $20 - $40, we list some good ones on this page: For luggage there are lockers at most stations, but it can be tricky to find an empty one sometimes. If you’re only coming for two weeks and in August, travel light as you won’t need much for clothes - it’s super hot!


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