Access free spots to visit from Setagaya

Hello. My 21 year old son and I will visit Tokyo from Sep 30 to Oct 4. I saw 10 places to visit in Tokyo without paying any fees, on “Live Japan”.
May I please ask your help in organizing our itinerary - which of these places can go to from one after the other? Our AirBnb is in Setagaya. We want to visit the following places:

  1. Edogawa Natural Zoo (NIshikasai : The Zoo That Never Charges Entrance Fee)
  2. Mayoterrace (Sengawa: The Mayonnaise Experience)
  3. Meiji University Museum(Ochanomizu: The History of rare Local and Foreign Execution Tools)
  4. Advertising Museum Tokyo (Shimbashi: Home of Japan’s Only Advertising Museum)
  5. Tokyo Fire Musem (Yotsuya: A Fire Department Museum)
  6. Bunkyo Civic Center Observation Lounge(Korakuen Garden)

Thank you very very much!

Hi Susie,

I don’t know much about that web site - it’s rather new. How did you find it? To be quite honest, I wouldn’t recommend most of those places. The zoo in Nishikasai is quite small and not so interesting if you’re coming from overseas - unless you’ve been to Tokyo many times and you’re looking for something different to do.
Take a look at our 101 free and cheap things to do article - I think most of the sights and activities are better than the ones on that list.

If you have any questions, let me know.


Hi, Greg,

The site was posted in facebook - Live Japan. It’ll be my first trip; my
son’s second from just last month though he and his friend visited temples

Super appreciate your prompt reply. I’ll check on the list you gave. Have a
nice day ahead!


The observation deck in Bunkyo Civic Center is very nice. It is on the 25th floor, free, good for a 270 degree view and the windows are obliquely placed so you can look down relatively well.
The sun goes down behind the sky scrapers in Shinjuku and you have a beautiful view of Sky Tree.

I see you wrote Korakuen between parentheses, so I think you mean Koishikawa Korakuen, the garden near the Bunkyo Civic Center. It’s a typical Japanese garden, quite large and beautiful, although it will be too soon for autumn leaves and the entrance is not free (200 or 300 yen). But I think on October 1st the entrance might be free. Rikugien garden is a little bit further but is more beautiful in my opinion.

Hi again Greg,

I hope I’m not imposing on you but it would really be extremely helpful if
you can help me arrange our itinerary in Tokyo on which places are near
each other that we can go to from one after the other.
I’ve checked out the 101 spots and narrowed down our choices as follows:
#3. Louis Vuitton Espace
#8. Chofu Aerospace Center
#12. Museum of Advertising and Marketing
#15. Tokyo Firefighters Museum
#17. Sewerage Exhibit
#48. Toto Showroom Shinjuku
#49. Omtesando
#50. Takeshita Dori

65. Shinjuku Underground Challenge

73. View of Tokyo Bay

74. Tokyo Metropolitan Govt Bldg

#75. Bunkyo Civic Center

98. Toden Arakawa Line

If it’s not too much to ask, maybe you can suggest nearby attractions we
can go to after visiting the places above.

I’m doing my best to organize our trip as we’ve had the experience of going
to Coca Cola Museum with free entrance in Taiwan but it was sooooo far away
that we spent so much on the fare getting to/leaving the place.

Thank you so much in advance. :slight_smile:


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