A month in Japan

I would like some advice on how best to organise my itinerary. I’ll be in Japan for a month in October and I really want to visit Nikko, Mt Fuji, Osaka, Hakone and Okinawa. Where should I go first? Should I get 2 weeks rail pass?
thanks, much appreciated

Hi Huong

I guess it depends, have you already bought flights to Japan? That might determine whether to get a jr pass or not.
btw, Okinawa would require you to purchase local flights to/from either tokyo or osaka


We (best friend) and I are headed to JP for 28 days this fall. We are flying into Tokyo and will spend all but 21 days there. At the end of our time in Tokyo, we will activate our 21 day rail passes and make use of them!

Our trip is not yet locked in, but in the past we did something similar as we probably will this time. Start on the eastern end of our trip, the airport/Tokyo, and then travel to the most western end and work ourselves through the areas we wish to visit.

As said, where you land initially will effect your itinerary and vice versa. Enjoy!

Mt Fuji is easy. You can do a day tour from Tokyo. It all depends on how much money you have. Okinawa you will have to fly to, unless you want a slow boat ride. I would get the 2 week pass. Go by Shinkansen to Odawara then catch the Hakone Tozan railway to Gora. Then make your way to wherever in Hakone you want. Stay a few nights. Then go backwards to Odawara and catch the Shinkansen to Osaka. Stay a few days to visit Kyoto. Whatever days you have left over you can either catch the train futher down or fly to Okinawa from there.
Best site to figure out trains, planes and buses is http://www.hyperdia.com
Hope this helps. I will also be in Japan in October as well.

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