8 week itinerary help :)


I am currently a student in Tokyo and have found out my term dates. Luckily, I get two months off (Feb, Mar) and during this time I would love to backpack North to South of Japan. I have backpacked India and Vietnam before so am used to enjoying cheap places to stay and finding fun things to do with minimal money.

I have to be back in Tokyo for two weeks as I have family visiting.

My only issue is that I have no idea where to start in terms of planning! Does anyone have any itineraries they have used before? Any recommendations?

Thank you so much,
Matthew Fox

Use AI, say where you want to start from how long you want to travel all the MUST things you want to do and it will produce an amazing itinerary, from there you can fine tune it and say I don’t want to go there, or I don’t want to see that or you can say I want to spend 3 days here etc. You will be amazed what great results you will get. I got my perfect itinerary just like this.

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