7 days or 14 days JR pass for a 10 days travel in Japan

Hi Community!

Will be visiting Japan between September 22 to Oct. 2 2023.

Currently deciding if I should get a 7 days or 14 days JR pass.

Will be travelling from Tokyo to Kyoto and to Osaka and will be flying out from KIX.

Will it be cheaper to buy a 7 days pass and use suica while going around osaka on the last 3 days?
Best to get a 14days jr pass?

Hope to hear from anyone.

Thank you!

You won’t need a JR Pass at all. A 7 Day pass is 33 thousand yen, and a one way ticket from Tokyo to Osaka is only 13 thousand yen, so it wouldn’t make financial sense for you. All though there are some JR lines in Tokyo, majority of the metro can’t be used by JR pass, you will have to buy a ticket or use a Suica Card or equivalent. Same with Osaka and Kyoto, all though some JR lines, it is more economical to just pay as you go as relatively cheap.