24 hour layover in Tokyo

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We have a 24-hour layover (arriving 7:30 pm at Narita) and were wondering what the best itinerary would be to get a taste of Tokyo. We are thinking of renting an Airbnb in Shibuya area but open to recommendations for somewhere else. We’d love to be able to see a shrine/temple, and see all the “touristy” places (crossing, Hachiko, Harajuku, etc.) – normally, we steer away from touristy places but given we only have a day to explore, we feel that going to the touristy places is our only option to experience Tokyo…unless anyone can recommend a better itinerary? Thanks!

Hi There!

Before you decide, do bear in mind Narita is usually about a 90minute journey from central Tokyo, especially Shibuya which is on the West side of central Tokyo. So make sure you leave a good margin of time.

We have an itinerary section:

If you stay on the East side in somewhere like Asakusa, then you the journey time to Narita will be a little shorter and an itinerary like this would make sense:
Cheapo 1-Day Tour: Asakusa–Ginza–Tokyo Station Area | Tokyo Cheapo

Otherwise if you stay in Shibuya, though we do have an itinerary for shibuya, apart from visiting Meiji Shrine and Shibuya crossing, if it’s your first time I’d say you should probably just wonder around without a plan!

Also we have some ideas if you just stay close to the airport:

Thank you so much! It’s our first time going there and this is really helpful!

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