2018 Coutdown Best Spot

I am planning to spend the 2018 Countdown fun in Tokyo and wonder where is the best spot for countdown. Would there be fireworks at Odaiba Rainbow Bridge on 31st? Any countdown events at The Tokyo Tower or Skytree?

I’m not extremely familiar but I don’t think there are any major fireworks in Tokyo area during NYE
I remember 2 years ago there was absolutely nothing at the Shibuya crossing (signs in the area say ‘please don’t expect anything at NYE’). Most fireworks are in the Summer time (July), and most people celebrate NYE by returning to their hometown and visiting the local shrines

Hi Quintin,

Thank you for your information. Yes I have also read some blogs which said there won’t be firework on NYE. However, in the event page of the Cheapo website, it stated that Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks takes place every Saturday from Early-Late Dec, 2017. Does it mean there will be firework on Saturday, 30 Dec 2017? If so, kindly advise how long this will last.



I’ll be in Tokyo over NYE - this would be very interesting to find out there is anything to do :slight_smile:

Hi Esther.
I couldn’t find detailed information due to my limited Japanese sorry.
And yes, it seems true that the fireworks takes place every saturday in December; no details for 2017 have been published yet I think, but it technically would be 30 Dec.
However, it seems that these fireworks are pretty short, e.g. 10min

Not sure if it’s worth it, but if you really want to experience it, you can join a boat cruise that includes food/drinks , costing over 10,000 yen pp.

ELH- New years eve in Japan/Tokyo is not a big thing, many people line up at the big shrines before midnight to be the first to make offerings in the new year. Not so perhaps. Many bars and restaurants may hold NY parties but maybe require booking in advance (not sure about this)

Thank you Quintin, your information are although good enough. Hi Emma, learnt that you will also be in Tokyo at NYE, suggest you to go to the Christmas illumination at Caretta.



That looks amazing! Much better than Blackpool Illuminations :smiley:

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A bit late to this thread but yes - New Years Eve in Tokyo and Japan is a pretty quiet affair, with most people spending the evening back home with family.

There’s usually quite a few people out celebrating in Shibuya, but there’s not much in the way of big official countdowns or fireworks - usually just the short display in Odaiba (which is miles away from Shibuya) as already mentioned.

If you fancy going to a shrine (which is where most people are who are out in Tokyo at midnight), just visit a small local one and avoid the big ones as they can often be a human log jam.