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12 Days in Tokyo


Hello Tokyo Cheapo Family!

I am new to the site and am hoping that the more experienced visitors to Japan can assist me with planning my 12 day holiday to Tokyo at the end of the year. This will be my third time to Japan.

I am sure that there have been questions very similar to this one and apologies if I have duplicated a previous post.

I am due to arrive in to Tokyo on Tuesday November 28th and will be staying just outside of Akihabara. The last day of my holiday will be on Friday December 08th.

What are the must see and must do’s in your opinion?
Can anyone recommend any hidden gems?

(We won’t be going to Kyoto or Osaka, as this is where we have been on our previous trips!)

Thank you very much in advance for any advice or tips!


Bloop over to Ryogoku on the Chuo Line and check out the Edo-Tokyo Museum. Easily my favorite museum in the city.


Normally a great suggestion, but unfortunately the museum is currently closed until 31 March 2018.


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