12 Days in Japan

Hi everyone,

Just curious as i am travelling to Tokyo and then onto Kyoto at the start of June, just wondered if people had some ideas of tours or activities to do in Tokyo as i’m there for 8 days?

Thank you for your help


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Hi Kam,
Have a good read of https://tokyocheapo.com/
If you don’t know anything about Tokyo, start with the beginners guide: https://tokyocheapo.com/living/beginners-guide-to-tokyo/

And for Kyoto: Kyoto City Guide | Japan Cheapo

Hope that helps!

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Thanks, i have read a lot almost too much,

the bigger question is because i am on my own whats the deal on tours? and are they worth it? should i just stick to the walks and suggestions on the site?


Hi Kam,
A friend of mine is coming mid June and I did some research for him. I have just copy pasted everything I sent him. Hope it helps you in making your decision.

Here’s some info on travelling by Shinkansen to Osaka.

Here’s sites you can book from


The above sites offer discounted Shinkansen tickets valid only for tourists and bought outside Japan. Some of these also include Hotels.

The site below offers Japan rail passes, I would also suggest you get one of these as you’ll most probably be using the trains a lot. Get the one for East Japan coz thats where you’ll be most of the time.

On your way back to Tokyo I would suggest you stop in Nagoya for one night And since you like cars and are coming all this way, might as well visit the Toyota Headquarters In Nagoya.

Here’s the site and some useful information:


Come back to Tokyo and you can do the following tours:


I would suggest the Mt. Fuji, Hakone trip for a day. They also have Onsen tours but that you can book from here as it might get a little to hectic to do all these in one day.

This site below offers only English speaking guides but does not do any booking for you. Its good for the night life as there is no booking needed just someone to guide you to interesting places.


Once you’re back in Tokyo then there’s lots to do like…

Here’s another good article that might help…

Thank you Mo

Really helpful really appreciate it.


Thank you i will watch the video for sure!


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