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Which JR Pass? for (Narita) Tokyo > Osaka > Tokyo

Hi All,

Tried to find some information here and there but got confuse with/which JR Passes to opt for.

Would highly appreciate your kind opinion

Cut short, will be in Japan in end Nov-Dec 2019
Day 01 1400hrs+ Arrival Tokyo (Narita) > Osaka
Day 02 Osaka (Minoo Park, Osaka Castle, Osaka Bay, Tennoji)
Day 03 Nara (Nara Park) & Kyoto (Arashiyama, Sagano)
Day 04 Osaka > (Odaiba) Tokyo
Day 05 - 09 Tokyo Area

So basically, Day 01 from Tokyo to Osaka, and back on Day 04 Osaka to Tokyo which JR Pass should i opt for?

Likewise commuting in either Osaka and Tokyo i have my Suica card ready but is there a better alternative? Base on the given itinerary?

Highly appreciate all you valuable feedback

Thank You

Hi Ian,

Looking at your itinerary, and seeing that you’re going to Nara and landing at Narita airport, the 7-days JR Pass may work for you. But you have to know that this pass is only worthy if you have in mind traveling on long-distance trips.

Other examples: If you only took an airport transport each way and did not leave Tokyo (and used the metro and bus each day), this would cost around ¥13.730, which is less than the 7-day JR Pass (¥29.110). A 7-day pass costs ¥29.110, which is ¥4.158,57 per day. If you calculate that your traveling costs would be cheaper if you bought individual tickets for each journey, then it is not worth buying a JR Pass.

About the airport, a return transfer from Narita Airport is over ¥2.600, and a one-day metro and bus pass in Tokyo costs around ¥1.590.

Maybe this source can help you decide if it’s what you need for your trip:

I hope this information helps you with your final decision.

Hi Tim,

Thank you for the great information provided.

Information provided, is a great help.