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Voice+Data sim-cards

Hello everyone. We are planning a trip to Tokyo. We need voice and data sim cards (Docomo). We need to buy them for the whole group at once. We prefer to order them via internet. What opportunities can you suggest. I would be very grateful for your response.

Hi Anastasia,

We generally recommend Mobal’s voice & data SIM, but take a look at our guide for more ideas:

Definitely MOBAL. Roughly $59 a month with unlimited data so you don’t nee WiFi…

Excellent service too…

Thank you very much for your assistance. I was thinking about Sakura Mobile. Can you comment on that?

What about Sakura Mobile. Can you comment on that?

I only have experience with Mobal…and I’m typing this in a bar in Shinjuku on a tablet teethered to my phone…

Works great for $59

Cool! Appreciate that ))

Sakura Mobile’s options with voice are, in my personal opinion, perhaps better suited to longer stays.

Yeah Sakura are good for long stays and people who come and go (they now allow number freezing) but Mobal might be better for short term.

Thanks a lot. And may be you also know about Wi-Fi routers for rent? Where can I do that?

Sure have a read of this:

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