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Tokyo to Kyoto JR PASS

Hi Guys

quick one I am going to Tokyo in 4 weeks and ill be there from 29 December until 16 January, however I have 4 days in Kyoto I was looking into getting the bullet train as I work for a train company and it intrigues me to see what its like.

basically just wanting help with what pass is best for me. I dont think the JR Pass is worth it as ill only use it for Tokyo to Kyoto and back and maybe a day trip down to Kobe whilst im based in Kyoto.

any advice would be awesome


Hey dude,

don’t you want to go to the fox village, Nara deer park, Osaka, the Great Buddha statue or Hiroshima? That’s all covered by the JR Pass and it’s going to end up much cheaper with it than without.

Suit yourself


Hi Martin,

If you are wondering if the JR Pass is worth it, the answer is yes. But there’s a catch: this pass only pays off if you travel on long-distance trips. It comes down to simple math. For example, a 7-day pass costs ¥29.110 which is ¥4.158,57 per day. If you calculate that your traveling costs would be cheaper if you bought individual tickets for each journey, then it is not worth buying a JR Pass.

I hope this information helps you with your final decision.

Enjoy Japan, and its trains!

Cheers Tim. I will have a look I think I could be just about better off with separate tickets. But I will try and work it out. I won’t be doing long distance. Just the one trip to Kyoto and back to Tokyo