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Tokyo NRT airport

Hello, Im travelling to Japan, Im landing on NRT airport at 7.30 pm and Im thinking to book a flight the same day at 8.30pm to korea, is it enough time? its from terminal 1 to 3? or do I need to book on a different day?

Hope someone can help me out

Thanks a lot

That’s very tight for a transfer. Delays of up to an hour on departure or arrival of a flight to Narita are quite routine - especially if it’s a long haul flight. If you’re catching two different airlines, you’ll need to collect your luggage, go through immigration and customs, transfer to Terminal 3 (takes about 20 minutes) check-in again, go through immigration again and then go to your gate. It might be possible to go straight to Terminal 3 without going through immigration if you only have carry-on luggage, but you’ll need to check with the Low Cost Carrier to see if it’s possible. A lot of these airlines have really restricted service offerings and they aren’t very flexible - that’s why they’re cheap. Try contacting the airline directly and see what they say. If you have luggage though, there’s nothing you can do. Even transferring within the airport in an hour is really pushing it - I wouldn’t attempt that.
Why don’t you just change your ticket to go to Korea instead of Narita?

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That’s not a great idea, it can take an hour to get through customs sometimes depending on how busy it is, then your bags might need to be collected and rechecked depending if you booked separate tickets. Flights can be delayed or take longer than scheduled. You might take a wrong turn and have to backtrack to a different terminal. There’s lots of things that can happen to delay you for 1 hours and you only need one to happen and you’re screwed.

I’d leave at least 2 hours and even then I’d be very nervous about time.

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