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Tokyo - Hakone - Kyoto - Osaka


Hi everyone, need some advice.The transportation map looks so complicated therefore I would need some advice. One thing for sure, I would not be getting the JR Pass because my journey is only 1-way (Fly into Tokyo, flying out from Osaka) Questions are in bold.

Within Tokyo, I will be doing the rather standard tourist route. Visiting the Tsukiji Market, Imperial Palace, Meiji Shrine, Tokyo Tower etc.
Question 1: Is there any pass I should be purchasing for Tokyo? I remember reading earlier that there is some JR East pass for Tokyo, however it cant be found now

From Tokyo to Hakone, it should be quite straight forward with Odakyu Train.
Romance car from Shinjuku to Hakone.
Question 2: Since I will be touring within Hakone, it would be better to get the Hakone ('within Hakone only) free pass from Odawara Station, is that right?

From Hakone to Kyoto it should be the straight forward Shinkansen ‘Hikari’ train from Odawara to Kyoto. (Please correct me if I’m wrong)

Would be doing the standard tourist sightseeing and eating at Kyoto and Osaka (Nara park, bamboo forest and those shrine). Question 3: Within Kyoto traveling and then to Osaka, would it be better if I purchase JR west Pass?

Thanks in advance!


You could buy a one-day or two-day pass for Tokyo, or consider a Tokyo Wide Pass:

The Hakone Free Pass is probably a good idea:

You should be able to take the Hikari from Odawara to Kyoto, yes.

A Kansai Area or Kansai Wide Area pass would probably be a good idea for travel between Kyoto, Osaka and Nara. :slight_smile:


Tks for the info, Frances.
I realised my hotel is in Kawaguchiko and not Hakone! haha. I have already book a highway bus from Shinjuku at the advice of my hotel.

I read about the Tokyo 1-day pass. it seems so confusing because within Tokyo there are so many transport companies, and buying 1 pass may not work with another line!

As a result, I guess my best and safest bet would be to get the Suica card. Here comes the issue:
Given that I am making a 1-way trip from Tokyo towards Kyoto/Osaka, I wouldnt be able to get a refund on my Suica card at the end of the trip (as Suica cannot be refunded in Osaka). What is the best option for my situation?


Hi @matcha
If you really want to refund your suica card you can just get the refund on the day that you leave Tokyo at any JR station in Tokyo area, and then purchase a new IC card (ICOCA i think) in Kyoto/osaka. But maybe the hassle is a lot compared to the 500yen deposit you could forfeit.

Regarding travel around Kyoto/Nara, maybe you don’t need a pass. If you calculate using Hyperdia, a one way normal train from Kyoto–>osaka is ¥560 + subways, and kyoto–> nara is ¥ 710. Travelling around Kyoto usually is best using their buses (day pass). The pass is only worth it if you plan to do day trips to places that are further away.


Hello q10! Thank you for your reply.

For the travel pass, I’ll likely take the Osaka Amazing Pass since it gives unlimited ride on the metro (not sure if applicable for me) and also free entry to the attractions.

The refund is not so much on the 500 yen deposit. What I am thinking is if I were to top up huge amount into the card and remain say 5000 JPY and at the end of the trip in Osaka, would that means that I’ll be forfeiting 5000 JPY plus 500 JPY?



yes you’d be forfeiting whatever amount you loaded onto the card. Probably would be ok to top up 2000yen every time you run out of funds. *you can top up a suica card in osaka train stations and essentially most stations throughout japan.

Another thing is that even if you run out of money on the IC card, they have paystations inside most stations


Sounds like it’s a decent plan q10! Thanks for your advice!


Hi everyone, from Kawaguchikou to Kyoto, I figured that I need to take a bus to Mishima and then change to Shinkansen to Kyoto. The first leg of that journey, can be booked via The part I am stuck at is Mishima --> Kyoto.

How do I book a Shinkansen from Mishima to Kyoto? Seems like there is quite significant price difference using Hyperdia (which I can’t find the button to book) and
Or do I buy the tickets when I am at Mishima station. Would it be too risky?

Please advise.


Hi everyone,

I like to book a shinkansen from Mishima to Kyoto. Can i purchase this when I’m in Tokyo?
Or do i go to the Mishima station on the actual day to purchase the ticket?


Hi matcha
you can buy your mishima>kyoto ticket at Tokyo , generally any JR station (green window), but you’ll have a higher likelihood of finding an english JR station officer at one of the major Tokyo stations e.g. Tokyo, shinjuku, shibuya


Hi q10,

Thanks for your update. I’m in Japan and enjoying every moment already!

I have bought the Shinkansen train using this app call “Smartex”, and I can collect them at the JR station.

My current plan is reach Mishima station at 11:03, go to the JR counter at Mishima station to collect my tickets and then catch the 11:57 train. Is this plan feasible? Or rather, any flaws in this plan?


Hi everyone who has contributed, thank you so much! My trip was an enjoyable with no major hiccups thanks to all your input!


Hi matcha
sorry I didn’t reply earlier.
so glad that everything went smoothly for you and you enjoyed your trip! Please visit again

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