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Tokyo dock at Harumi Terminal. Port Yokohama to Tokyo?

I will have already stayed in the Shinjuku area. On returning from Tokyo dock at Harumi Terminal . Port Yokohama I want to stay in a new area that will also give me easy access to Disney Tokyo for just one Friday night. How do I get to Tokyo from Yokohama? What train station will I arrive at? What area do you suggest I stay in Tokyo that is just a straight (no transfers) short subway ride to Disney, but is also interesting (tourist sites to see)? Thank you for your replies.

Hi there Geej,
I’m a little confused by your starting point. Harumi Terminal is at the mouth of the Sumida River in Tokyo Bay while Port Yokohama is about 40 kilometres to the south. The station closest to the Disney theme parks is Maihama on the JR Keiyo Line (no subway lines go to Maihama). Tokyo Station is the starting point of the Keiyo Line and it’s only a 16 minute train ride. The next station on the line is Hatchobori, which is also handy to a lot of attractions like Ginza, Tsukiji and the Imperial Palace, but it’s a little bit cheaper to stay in.
Good luck!

Dear Mr. C. Greg,
I appreciate your reply. I’m sorry if I was confusing.
We will be getting off a cruise ship (in Yokohama) & going to Tokyo.
We have a hotel near Disney. However, we
need to stay one night in Tokyo. We will have
stayed in the Shinjuku area before our cruise.
Can you give us a suggestion? We don’t want
to drag our bags more than necessary, so I
was looking for a place near the train station
& subway stations (if no subways go
to Disney - how does one get there
from Tokyo?). Though I’m not sure where
that is or if that is even possible. Maybe in the
Ueno area? OR maybe we just need to stay
near the Tokyo station? Would that then be
the Hatchobori area (like you mentioned above)?

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