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Tokyo Disney Tickets Please Help!

I am so frustrated & would appreciate help. I have tried different credit cards and can NOT get Disney
2 day pass tickets on line. Please don’t refer me to Disney does NOT reply with specific help just a form letter telling me to do what I’ve already done. Why is this so difficult? What is my next step?
I do NOT want to wait till I’m in Japan. I heard that they won’t take US credit cards. Why? Thank you in advance.

I’m assuming you have tried -

I didn’t go as far as entering actual credit card info, so not sure where you are having problems. One thing you might want to consider is if you have an investment account that will give you a debit/credit card, these seem to be accepted more widely.

As far as Disneyland NOT taking credit cards (if you were to wait until you got here), I find that VERY hard to believe…everyday Dept. Stores maybe, but tourist attractions would HAVE to…

I had the same problem last year, so I ended up buying it with cash… the queue is relatively quick on weekdays.

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