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Suica Card usage in Tokyo

Spending 5 days in Tokyo for the Olympics and just need to know how much are single trips between city venues/general sightseeing so l put enough money on the Suica card.
A previous post suggested 3000YEN ,but would that be enough if l’m doing 4-6 stops per day?
Thanks for any thoughts you might have.

Hi Paul Ryan (?),

Tokyo is quite big, so i really depends on where you want to go. Most Tokyo Metro trips are between 165 and 270 yen. However, if you’re crossing modes - like Tokyo Metro -> JR -> Yurikamome, then there is a price jump. For example, if you want to go from the Olympic Stadium to Ariake to watch the tennis, then the fare is about 500 to 600yen. So for most events within the city, even with 6 trips it would be hard to go over 3,000yen in a single day. However, if you’re going to some of the more far flung venues such as Saitama Super Arena for the Basketball, Ajinomoto Stadium for the football, or Enoshima for the sailing, from central Tokyo it will cost up to 750 yen each way. But if you’re going to those venues, then you won’t be able to skip around 4 to 6 venues each day anyway as they take ages to get to. Anyway, Google Maps is really good for route finding in Tokyo. Just load up the venues and get tap the directions button.

Thanks Greg.
l’m staying in Shinagawa about a 20 min walk to the main station.
Going to Ariake Arena,Shiokaze Park, Oi Hockey stadium and the main stadium at the moment.
The rest will be sightseeing around town.So probably about 5000yen as l’m going to Kyoto for 3 days afterwards and my research tells me l can use the Suica card there too if that’s right.
Appreciate your good advice.
Cheers, Paul.

Forgot to mention ,l was going to buy the new “Welcome Suica card” which seems like a good deal.

It’s really easy to top up the suica card anyway, every station has multiple machines to top up so I wouldn’t worry too much. Yes you can use the suica card in Kyoto to use on the subways, though getting to Kyoto will be expensive on the Shinkansen.

I normally budget around 1000 Yen per day for trains in Tokyo if I want to do a few different places and I try to plan the routes so I’m not travelling back and forth, but if you’re schedule is set by the times and locations of the events that won’t be possible. If you’re doing a lot of trips back and forth you may need more, I’d suggest putting 5000 on the card and see how you go, you can top up 1000 extra if you need to, some machines even let you top up with coins so you can top up smaller amounts but they are less common in my experience. .

There’s an app that I use called Suikakeibo that can scan your card using your phones NFC, it can be handy to know how much you have on there if you are potentially embarrassed about the machines rejecting your card, though that’s a regular occurrence even with the local people.

Google maps can show you how much a trip will cost in Yen. For example Shinagawa Station to Ariake Arena costs 480 yen one way.

Thanks so much.Great suggestions.

No problems, the Suica top up machines also have English menus available so it’s really easy, after a couple of times you’ll feel like a pro :slight_smile:
Enjoy the Olympics :smiley: What events are you watching?

Sorry for the slow response.
Hockey,volleyball,beach volleyball,aths and maybe swimming

Excellent, have a great time. Make sure to stay hydrated as it gets really hot and humid in Tokyo in summer.

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